About Umeå Kommunföretag

Umeå Kommunföretag, UKF, is the parent company for all Umeå municipality's limited companies. The municipally owned
the companies conduct activities that deliver services and services to the municipality's residents; housing, water supply, sewerage, sanitation, energy, port facilities, parking and cultural facilities. Examples of companies
which are part of the group are Umeå Energi, VAKIN / UMEVA, Bostaden, INAB and Västerbotten's museum.

The profits are distributed between the companies

The companies owned by the municipality to 25 percent or more are subject to the parent company's directive. The Group's mission also includes assisting companies with corporate management, training and financing issues. All companies live on their own income, ie without tax income. Any profit goes back to the customers in the form of maintenance and development. A company that makes a profit contributes to other activities under the company hat that are not as lucrative, for example to public transport.

- The idea of municipal companies has existed since the 80s. Some companies close down and disappear, while new ones keep popping up. The companies have good times now, they deliver what is expected according to the instructions. Here in Umeå, we are also far ahead when it comes to sustainability. Environmental thinking is widespread throughout the municipality.